Update for Supporters on sellaband

Update for Supporters on sellaband
May 25, 2016

A short update for all the great people that supported me on SellaBand:

SellaBand is insolvent for some time now and without going to much into detail I can only say that it caused me quite a few problems. Don’t be worried, I received all of your contributions, but I also had to resolve a few other issues with them, which is why it took me a longer to finish my album. 

As they didn't give me everyone's contact information correctly it took me a while to get all your addresses. I sent you a couple of newsletter within the last month. In case you didn’t get these mails or you didn’t read them and you still have any question send an email to contact@thebrokenpalace.com.

I put all the effort and passion of the last two years into this album and I really hope you will like the end result! Thanks again for your support and your patience!

Much love!