Video premiere "In the Darkness"

Video premiere "In the Darkness"
September 25, 2015

Today I’m going to release the video that I personally created for the first album single „In the darkness“.

It’s the first music video that I’ve made entirely by myself, so it means quite a lot to me and I hope you’ll like it!

The song was written by me and my good friends Simon and Brian. Simon is the pianist of the London-based band Autoheart and Brian is a great solo artist from New York performing under the name Aiken and the Eggman. I highly recommend you to check out their music as well.

The song “In the Darkness” chronicles the nightly journey into the subconscious and pays homage to subconscious voyagers; it wonders whether in our dreams we often find the truer essence of our own realities, the real roots of our conscious thoughts and emotions.


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