New Album "IN the darkness" out now

New Album "IN the darkness" out now
June 3, 2016

My new album "In the darkness" releases on my label "Broken Palace" today. I’m so happy to finally share my music and my work of the last two years with you!

I can only say, that the time of the album production clearly was a very intense time that was full of beautiful moments, great encounters and wonderful experiences! I’ve learned so much and I have the feel that I opened a new chapter of my musical work!

I had moments of joy and overwhelming happiness while creating these songs even if from time to time I was doubting my ideas or the direction was following. But I think all these things are part of artistic process! I’m very proud of my album and I want to thank you all for your amazing support and believe in me! I really hope, that you like this album a lot!! It was a long journey, that I would never made without you! Thanks for being with me for so long!